TED Talks video – Rick Steves the Value of Traveling

Watch this amazing video on TED Talks of Rick Steves who is a well-traveled American (!!) on the Value of Traveling.

He has some great stories, here are some quotes out of the video to give you an idea what he is like and why you should watch it.

“I learned once again that fear – and there’s a lot of it in our society – fear is to me for people who don’t get out very much.”

“Travel wallops my ethnocentricity and I’m very grateful for that.”

“A third of the people on this planet eat with spoons and forks like you do, a third of the people eat with chopsticks and a third of the people eat with their fingers like I do and we’re all civilized just the same.”

“I’m going here because I think it’s good character to know people before you bomb them.”  (on why he traveled to Iran)


Rick Steves.


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