Stage 1: OMG! Everything is fantastic!!!

I did it!!! I am here!! I am such a fantastically fabulous world traveler. I made this fabulous decision and all my friends back home wish they were me right now.

This was usually followed by a post of a selfie of me a) eating some foreign dish that looks scary b)a picture of me relaxing at that beautiful beach/mountain/cliff/cafe c) a picture of me meeting new people.

This is how I felt like for a long time after arriving! I met so many new people and it was amazing. I didn’t even think of home yet or how I missed my mum/dad/dog/bed etc. The feeling was addictive and it was so good to feel so independent and free.

Tips for making this period of time even more amazing…

  • Keep a short journal – even if it’s just for 5 minutes a day the memories of those first impressions are so special. You want to remember them when you go back or when you look back on your first days abroad.
  • Make lots of pictures of….YOURSELF!! Get other people to do it so the surroundings are on it too, and dare to smile and be silly! It makes for a great photo and people will love it. I forgot this and took only pictures of my surroundings and the beautiful country I was in. When in fact the coolest pictures I have and best memories are those with me in it. It ties yourself to the memory, literally.
  • Leave your old self behind and explore the new you! No one knows who you are here, you can be/talk/act however you want and people will accept you for who you are. This is THE chance to practice being more assertive, more open and social, cheekier or whichever part of yourself you would like to explore. Grab the chance to learn new tricks!
  • Get lost and find your way back. There is no better way of getting to know a new place than getting lost and trying to find your way back again. Try the ‘ Buddhist-approach‘ and be patient when you don’t find your way back immediately it’s all part of your journey!
  • Be a social butterfly (or a snail but try and be social!) The best way to get to know a new country and find yourself is by meeting others who have different world views. Go talk to people even if it’s people you wouldn’t be attracted to at first or you wouldn’t talk to back home. You can’t be picky when you’re new and who knows – maybe there is more to people than meets the eye! Are you naturally shy? Get some great ice-breakers or convo starters these are not silly or stupid but just normal and nice ones you can use. Introverts rock!!
  • Leave old routines behind and find new solutions to your life challenges This is the time to re-invent yourself, plan some time to reflect on your life and how you would like to approach challenges you face back home in a new way. Why? Because you’re in a new place, it’s beautiful and serene or bustling and busy and it will inspire you to think of new solutions!
  • Remember those who helped you get where you are now. Send a message of thanks and that you’re enjoying yourself and to those who helped you on your amazing journey! If found people where most happy when I sent them a card or parcel with cool stuff!

Please leave all YOUR good ideas below for great tips for new fresh-of-the-boat world travelers! Thanks a lot!

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