The journey starts

Welcome to my Expat Like a Pro blog!

Do you want to find out what it’s like to live and work abroad? How it works and what stages you go through before adjusting to a new culture? Maybe you have a question you really need an answer to?

You might just find some very useful tips & solutions as I’ve made every “mistake” in the book for you! 🙂

The time is NOW      5_dsc_1719

I am Emma, a 30-year-old Dutchy. I moved to Australia 3 years ago and my blog hopefully will give you some useful tips you can use for your own expat experience or for a trip abroad. I’d love for you to add your knowledge of travelling to my blog so feel free to leave comments/tips/tricks and more underneath posts.

2 thoughts on “The journey starts

  1. yeaaah a blog from emma. Really excited about this news and looking forward of reading your tough choices, funny mistakes and beautifull moments !


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